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I’m a Temporary Export Manager and B2B Senior Sales Specialist for the Industry, with more than 25 years experience in sales in SME, from furniture hardware till musical instruments, through electronics and mechanics. Practicing four foreign languages (german, english, french and spanish), I’ve always been engaged in export sales.

I’m working with “tailoring” Companies, managing co-design projects, doesn’t matter the domain. That’s the guide line of my professional path. My Customer is the manufacturing Company looking for high quality components from reliable suppliers, with the aim to build long-terms relationships.



ALCA GmbH is a furniture hardware and accessories distributor operating in the whole German area. Tailoring of furniture hardware with wooden and plastic components and Just-in-Time service development as well are part of their core business.
Furthermore the Company offers planning and turnkey service for OEM-products.


Ossicolor deals for over thirty years of manufacture of aluminium in various sectors. The primary domain is the development and production of aluminium components for the furniture industry.
The high specialization of its staff and the automated production allows Ossicolor to be a reliable and competitive partner as well as flexible in offering a product with a high and constant quality level.
From electronic to renewables, until furnitures Ossicolor has a wide products range, such as back profiles for worktops, frames, structural profiles, handles, air grids, heat protection profiles, tables structures as well as plinths with their fixing systems and accessories.
Ossicolor can provide standard products or assist Customers in the design, implementation and industrialization of an individual product. The factory, located in north-east Italy, close to the border with Austria, Germany and Switzerland, enables Ossicolor to easily deal with Italy and with the European market.


Complement A/S is a manufacturer and stock-holding wholesaler of CPU holders, monitor arms, cable trays, table legs, table frames, etc., with increasing sales to customers all over Europe.
Complement A/S is located in the town of Vejle (Denmark) in a new building complex from 2000 which was expanded in 2004.
The modern and well-organized facilities allow Complement A/S to service the Customers in the best possible way. With 5,700 m2 under roof they have sufficient room for a full range of products, and this allows to supply “just in time” and according to agreement with the Customers.


DMM Spa produces components for the furniture industry. With 40 years experience, the Company is working in a layout area of 6.000 sqm, of which 5200 devoted to the production and has a staff of more than 90 people. DMM is endowed with a wide range of equipments, from the typical ones for metal machining until the more advanced combining laser cutting and punching centres.
During the years DMM has reached high specialization in producing metal furniture components mostly made in stainless steel aisi 304 for the furniture industry, the contract, the design and commercial interiors as well. The production involves both serial and made to measure orders. As to the made to measure, DMM currently produces just in time and on the custom design about 20.000 pieces pro year, with a lead time of 15 working days.


Giulio Covre was founded in 1980 and rapidly imposed itself in the field of cowhide-working, thanks to the high specialization featuring the products.
Giulio Covre decides to develop the collection starting to produce small accessories in cowhide and cuoietto, finished with hand stitches or machine stitches, available in several colour tones, produced and designed following the nowadays Customer requirements.
Responding to the most severe production rules, using the best quality materials and taking care of all features on each element, Giulio Covre reaches an important aim after twenty years of activity.


Marzano Form has been founded in 1980 and it represents an avant-garde world in the industrial packaging domain.
Following up and sometimes putting forward the steady trend towards a rising specialisation in packaging, Marzano Form drives a development program of new materials, solutions and industrial automation also through the implementation of new equipments to keep the market change push.
This has been made possible by a tangible achievement of willing to be present in all industrial domains, especially in the technologically progressive ones. Marzano Form offers products, services, solutions and customised design in compliance with Customer's needs.


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